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Part Time Wrecker Driver

Wanted: Financial Reporting Accountant…..Programmer Analyst…..Hospice Social Worker and Bereavement Counselor…..Assertive Community Treatment Team Leader…..Second Shift Vacuum Coating Technician…..Part Time Wrecker Driver Last winter, just before Christmas, I applied for a job at the Trinity Lutheran Church.  Secretary.  Part Time.  “Pastor Peggy” returned my email within minutes to say that I was perfect for the job.  However, […]

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Adorably Imperfect

I can’t get my therapist to feel sorry for me. Last week, during our weekly session on the third floor of the First Baptist Church, where the Brattleboro Pastoral Counseling Center operates rent free, I tried.  In an effort to demonstrate my firm grip on reality, I fired off a list of “incompletes,” things considered […]

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This is an oil painting by my younger sister Barney. She was seventeen years old when she made it.  And deeply depressed.  Some people look at it and see the head of Christ.  I see a self-portrait. It could be both.

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The Barefoot Brainless Insomniac Muse

“A page-turning thrill ride that will leave readers holding their breath!” “A poignant, no-holds barred, kick-ass memoir that will grab you by the throat and shake you to your core!” ” Grabs you by the throat and pulls you into it from the very beginning!” “We’ve finally got a book to screech and howl about!  A […]

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Brooks House Fire

Murder on Main Street

Brattleboro, Vermont has been my home for thirty-eight years.  When I first arrived, I was told by a number of people that I would have to be a resident for sixty years in order to be considered a Vermonter.  Fair enough.  I was there to get through college.  I had no intention of staying on, […]

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Tender is the Invisible Light in August

It was a bright clear day, a sunny afternoon overshadowed by dismal thoughts.  I was standing in the Hotel Pharmacy, feeling beat.  Beat as in defeated, not tired.  The folks at the Hotel Pharmacy are competent, compassionate people.  They were being especially compassionate with me, perhaps because they sensed my anxiety or had even detected […]

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Cold Sesame Noodles and Ben-Hur

There was a brief time in my life when I lost control over my body and with it, the ability to correctly gauge my emotions.  I wasn’t particularly good at feeling my feelings back then anyway.  Even so, it took me longer than usual to detect a pattern and a disturbance in the fact that […]

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How to Read Moby Dick

I was lying on a gurney in the emergency room at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.  It was just past noon.  I was feeling stupid, my appearance made ludicrous and my movement restricted by a hospital gown that covered only the half of me and a gangling variety of apparatuses: oxygen tubing clipped to my nostrils, electrodes […]

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