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Magnificent Obesity

Rubens_Venus_at_a_Mirror_My Search for Wellness, Voice and Meaning in the Second Half of Life

Hatherleigh Press/Random House


Lose weight, calm down, find God. Priorities fall quickly into place for a fifty-five-year-old compulsive overeater with a panic disorder when a heart attack accelerates a normal midlife crisis into a furious race to close the gap between where she appears to be going in life and the very different place she wants to be.

Hindered by numerous, longstanding obstacles to wellness and wholeness – from an obsessive fear of death to a two-pack-a-day smoking habit –writer Martha Moravec turns crisis into opportunity and loss into insight and discovers how the pain of owning her past can empower her to grow up in time to grow old with grace.

A diabetic weighing in at 324 pounds, Martha pulls together a support team of doctors, therapists and priests, helpers, healers and friends from the grid of small town life in southern Vermont. The patience and dedication of the people she calls “angels we can see” proves that it takes a village to make a happy,  self-actualized adult as she addresses childhood developmental trauma, panic attacks and phobias, addictive behaviors and debilitating symptoms in an often painful but always illuminating fight to recover her physical, mental and spiritual health.

Magnificent Obesity is not a weight loss memoir. It is not a size acceptance manifesto. It is an account of one woman’s effort to look honestly and compassionately at her obesity through the distinct but interlocked lenses of anxiety, addiction, agnosticism and aging. Her conviction that it’s never too late to grow up, that it is possible to feel born again at any age and that there is no expiration date on dreams makes this book a must-read for anyone who yearns to rewrite their story and take their own magnificent leap into a life lived with passion, purpose and authentic power.

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About Martha

Martha M Moravec is the author of the memoir Magnificent Obesity: My Search for Wellness, Voice and Meaning in the Second Half of Life, (Hatherleigh Press/Random House). She is also the author of two novels: an epic historical fantasy, The Secret Name of God; and a sci-fi eco-fable for young adults, The Odd Body Vanity Squad. Before committing to prose, she wrote the book and lyrics for five original full-length musicals, all of which were successfully produced in southern Vermont and Boston. Martha blogs at Mad Genius Bohemians about the mysteries of the creative life and the persistence of one's dreams. She also blogs at Magnificent Obesity about the hazards posed by anxiety, addiction, aging and agnosticism to personal growth and transformation. She can usually be found at home in Vermont working on her next seven novels, four novellas, second memoir and a sweeping revision of the five musicals. She is currently seeking further publication opportunities, a hundred more years and God.