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Into the Light

Yes, by all means, let’s talk about gun control.  Neither you nor I need a semiautomatic rifle to kill a deer.  Or an intruder. And yes, please, let’s talk about mental illness, the silence, the stigma, the  misconceptions.  Let’s consider what we need to not only detect but also restrain, support or integrate the severely […]

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gray face

Why Is Everyone So Angry?

From ten-year-old Marguerite, called Meg……….. My Daddy watches the news.  All the time.  He watches it when he comes home from work at night before we sit down to dinner. (He works at a bank.)  He watches it before he goes to bed.  In the morning, the little TV in the kitchen plays the news […]

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Brooks House Fire

Murder on Main Street

Brattleboro, Vermont has been my home for thirty-eight years.  When I first arrived, I was told by a number of people that I would have to be a resident for sixty years in order to be considered a Vermonter.  Fair enough.  I was there to get through college.  I had no intention of staying on, […]

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