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The Dutiful Ones

My mother is nearing the end of her life. Healthy, active and mentally spry until just a year ago, she is deteriorating at a rapid pace. She remains in perfect health but she is 91 years old. She lives alone in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh near Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral […]

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Gratitude on Veterans Day

In memory of all who served, including my father Vincent Paul Moravec Sr. in WWII, pictured here with his wartime sweetheart, my mom. My mother’s father, Paul Howe of Beaver PA, served in both World Wars. In 1917 he lied about his age to join up and claims to be the first American soldier to […]

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International Woman of Mystery

My mother lost her younger brother Paul Keveney Howe early on.  He died of kidney failure in 1969 at age thirty-eight.  The night she got home from helping her parents through the loss of their only son, I remember her saying, “It’s the oddest thing.  I never really knew my brother.  I don’t have very […]

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Too Fat to Live (Story #2)

They lived in a large, gracious house that included a mahogany-trimmed butler’s pantry and a second dining room for the servants, now ghosts, just off the staircase to the abandoned servant’s quarters.  At the top of the stairs, between a large common room and a corridor of narrow bedrooms, there was a smaller room that […]

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