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Welcome to my author blog. Topics include, but are not limited to: the art, craft and business of writing; the mysteries of the creative life; the persistence of one’s dreams; the legacy of family; the pleasures and predicaments of living in a small town; and the mixed blessing of living alone without cats.

Midway through the journey of life, I find myself looking for ways to incorporate the spontaneity of youth into the rigors of aging.

In high school, my best friend and I lived in a world of dreams and extremes, a world of our own making. She was an artist, I a writer. We were brilliant, indestructible and wild. Although we had a high regard for all great art and literature, we steeped ourselves in the life stories of the writers, poets, and painters, musicians and performers of the nineteenth-century and first three decades of the twentieth. We honored them and set fire to our own existence by living in a near continual state of ecstatic creativity and abandon.

A thing wasn’t just funny, it was hilarious and liable to send us into hysterics; a thing wasn’t just sad, it was either operatic or unbearably poignant; we were never just happy, we were euphoric, exalted, or so overjoyed we could cry.

We called ourselves mad genius bohemians.

The distinguishing characteristic of mad genius bohemians is that they have a passion, something they believe or actively engage in that makes their spirits soar. And their best feature is their joie de vivre.

In musical theatre, characters invariably reach a moment when they can no longer contain the swell of feelings within and so must spontaneously burst into song. The mad genius bohemian is familiar with that moment and inclined to turn the impulse to sing into an exuberant, spiritually sourced state of being. Mad genius bohemians are loving and creative, filled with wonder, at heart a bit uncivilized. They are wise to the world but it is not in their nature to be cynical. They would rather stay hungry and foolish than turn bitter and mean.

May this blog be guided by the blithe spirit in me, the impassioned one, the dreamer, the seeker and lover of life.

Cold Sesame Noodles and Ben-Hur

There was a brief time in my life when I lost control over my body and with it, the ability to correctly gauge my emotions.  I wasn’t particularly good at feeling my feelings back then anyway.  Even so, it took me longer than usual to detect a pattern and a disturbance in the fact that […]

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How to Read Moby Dick

I was lying on a gurney in the emergency room at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.  It was just past noon.  I was feeling stupid, my appearance made ludicrous and my movement restricted by a hospital gown that covered only the half of me and a gangling variety of apparatuses: oxygen tubing clipped to my nostrils, electrodes […]

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Magnificent Obesity

No, I’m not going to tell you how fabulous it is to be fat.  I want to give you an example of When Life Gets in the Way. Magnificent Obesity is the name of the book I am currently working on, a memoir about trying to move forward when you feel that life has left […]

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Why a Door

In the shadow is the gold – CG Jung Regardless of who you are or where you happen to be in life, you could probably represent every circumstance or state of mind along the way with an image of yourself standing at a door.  The door may have just closed.  Something has ended — an […]

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Basic Information That You Must Remember About Cialis

Families in Germany who are facing various health problem, such families can order medicines online without prescription. Nowadays, about 35% of individuals buy drugs online. Let\’s now try to find answers to your most important questions about the matter. When you get thr drug you must remember about “cialis for woman“. Online drugstores provides discount […]

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