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About Martha Moravec

Leonardo Head of VirginNovelist * Memoirist * Playwright * Lyricist

Welcome to my online home. If you are:

  • rewriting your story, reinventing yourself or preparing for the second act of life;
  • seeking personal transformation;
  • or the realization of a dream;
  • or just looking for a good story and a chance to share;

we are likely to find common ground.

If you want to know more about my life while watching the 20th century unfold in sepia-toned photographs, see Bio.

If you want to view synopses and sample chapters of my books, see Books.


The Secret Name of God, an epic historical fantasy about the extraordinary events unleashed when a king, a warrior and a wizard join forces to build the best of all possible worlds

The Odd Body Vanity Squad, a Young Adult space opera in which a dogmatic character’s verdict on the theory of evolution proves crucial to the future—or more properly –  the origin of the human race.

Magnificent Obesity: My Search for Wellness, Voice and Meaning in the Second Half of Life, a memoir about the crises and opportunities that arise when a heart attack accelerates the author’s mid-life crisis into a frantic race to close the gap between where she appears to be going in life and the very different place she wants to be.

For a list of works-in-progress, proposed works and a brief description of five original full-length musicals currently in revision, see Works-in-Progress.

I maintain two blogs on a monthly basis:

Mad Genius Bohemians, where I reflect on the madness and mysteries of the creative life, the difficulties peculiar to writing and publishing today, the history and stresses of my family, the consequences of living single in a small town and the challenges of trying to navigate mid-life crises by holding onto the joie de vivre that came so easily in youth.

Growing Up in Time to Grow Old With Grace, where I expand on four major issues raised in my memoir Magnificent Obesity. Blog posts, quotes, quick recipes and tips trace my efforts to map out a smooth route to a healthy, balanced life by connecting the dots between anxiety, addiction, agnosticism and the onset of aging.

I also keep a column in Vermont Views Magazine called Consolations of History: Casual Glimpses into Brattleboro’s Past and a writing journal called My Musical Theatre Notebook at Plum Tree Books.

I believe fiction writers should write, not what they know, but what they can imagine and that nonfiction writers should hold as their model the child who observed that the emperor wore no clothes.

640px-LascapigliataMy Favorite:

Literary work: The Iliad and the Odyssey
Writer: William Shakespeare
Novelist: Charles Dickens
Novel: The Once and Future King by TH White
Musical: South Pacific

Books that made me want to be a writer:

 Basil of Baker Street, Little House on the Prairie, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, All the King’s Men, Cry the Beloved Country, The Plague, A High Wind in Jamaica and Nancy Drew

If you are looking for more conversation, follow me:

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About Martha

Martha M Moravec is the author of the memoir Magnificent Obesity: My Search for Wellness, Voice and Meaning in the Second Half of Life, (Hatherleigh Press/Random House). She is also the author of two novels: an epic historical fantasy, The Secret Name of God; and a sci-fi eco-fable for young adults, The Odd Body Vanity Squad. Before committing to prose, she wrote the book and lyrics for five original full-length musicals, all of which were successfully produced in southern Vermont and Boston. Martha blogs at Mad Genius Bohemians about the mysteries of the creative life and the persistence of one's dreams. She also blogs at Magnificent Obesity about the hazards posed by anxiety, addiction, aging and agnosticism to personal growth and transformation. She can usually be found at home in Vermont working on her next seven novels, four novellas, second memoir and a sweeping revision of the five musicals. She is currently seeking further publication opportunities, a hundred more years and God.