Faces I

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Faces I

My sister Barney painted this.  Many years ago.  In high school, I believe.

At this time she lives very simply in Western New York not taking her medication, not conforming to society and not consuming much of anything.  Many of her friends and admirers think she is a prophet.  Those less admiring consider her an irresponsible person and/or insane.

Once, when I tried explaining gently to her nine-year-old son that his mother didn’t exactly live in the 20th century, he exclaimed, “Aunt Martha!  Barney doesn’t live on this planet!”


She created the bulk of her artwork during her high school and college years.  Her creativity had an awesome fury to it until she attended a Pentecostal service where they were speaking in tongues and where she was told that she wasn’t meant to be an artist, that she had some other path in life.  She stopped painting.

Over the years, she has gravitated toward, but never really focused on, earth art, installation art, crafts and – rocks.  She paints rocks, like this one:

Blue Rock

Occasionally I will receive a holiday greeting card like this one:
Figures Flying Or a colorful collage:


She reads very dense books by internationally renowned philosophers, intellectuals, futurists and visionaries about paradigm shifts, the flaws and the future of civilization and the redevelopment of lifestyles on a human scale. She concerned herself with environmental issues, organic, sustainable farming and the local food movement years and years before they became a trend.  She cares and thinks deeply about the fate of our planet.

Figures on Beach

I don’t think that’s irresponsible.  Or insane.

Do you?

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About Martha

Martha M Moravec is the author of the memoir Magnificent Obesity: My Search for Wellness, Voice and Meaning in the Second Half of Life, (Hatherleigh Press/Random House). She is also the author of two novels: an epic historical fantasy, The Secret Name of God; and a sci-fi eco-fable for young adults, The Odd Body Vanity Squad. Before committing to prose, she wrote the book and lyrics for five original full-length musicals, all of which were successfully produced in southern Vermont and Boston. Martha blogs at Mad Genius Bohemians about the mysteries of the creative life and the persistence of one's dreams. She also blogs at Magnificent Obesity about the hazards posed by anxiety, addiction, aging and agnosticism to personal growth and transformation. She can usually be found at home in Vermont working on her next seven novels, four novellas, second memoir and a sweeping revision of the five musicals. She is currently seeking further publication opportunities, a hundred more years and God.