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Gratitude on Veterans Day

In memory of all who served, including my father Vincent Paul Moravec Sr. in WWII, pictured here with his wartime sweetheart, my mom. My mother’s father, Paul Howe of Beaver PA, served in both World Wars. In 1917 he lied about his age to join up and claims to be the first American soldier to […]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Buy This Book

When I tell people I have a book coming out at the end of the summer, they naturally ask, “What’s it called?” I have learned to brace myself before answering. “Magnificent Obesity,” I say with a fleeting grin in anticipation of what has become the most common reaction: embarrassment. Their eyes dart away from mine, they […]

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Vermont Hippie Zombies

Three years ago, Hurricane Irene surprised Vermonters – we who have grown complacent over our temperate, mostly gentle environment – with eleven quick inches of rain that led to the worst flooding the state had seen in eighty-four years. The rising waters forced evacuations, knocked out bridges, tore up roads, destroyed houses, left thousands of people […]

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Why I Write

Until I was old enough and sufficiently well informed to engage in arguments with my father, we did not have a lot to say to each other. On their wedding night, my father said to my mother, “I don’t know anything about girls. You take care of the girls. I’ll take care of the boys.” […]

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How does Cialis work?

No doubts health problems can come on unexpectedly and may be accompanied by numerous symptoms. Luckily, there are online pharmacy where you can get medicaments deftly. If You are interested in get medications online, now may be the best moment to start. What is the most substantial information you should study about “cialis for woman“? […]

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figures in wood

Let it Be and Let Go

PRAYER FOR TODAY Embrace your feelings, all of them.  They’re safe and they’re beautiful. Let it be and let go.  Loosen your grip on the guard bar, appreciate the ride. You are not in control.  Accept it. You are mortal.  Accept it. If you cannot trust in God, if you cannot trust the universe, trust […]

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